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I still exist?

Okay yeah, posting on this account for the first time in forever, but I'm attempting to keep track of weight loss goals and whatnot so I figured I might as well use my journal for something! Huzzah.

So, I started my diet today...which reminds me it's about time to eat again. So far I've had a one egg omelet, and I'm about to round that out with some salad. I have my two liters decaffeinated green tea, and during my workout I managed to drink a 16oz bottle of water.

Workout isn't so spectacular for today. I managed 30 mins of workout time with the WiiFit (Burnt a whole 197 calories). Tomorrow I'm going to make sure to wear a pedometer while doing my thing so I can keep track of my distance for the Ewoyn Challenge.

I don't think I'll quite make it there and back again, but I'm hoping to at least make it from Bag End to Rivendell. >< 458 miles is a lot.

Anyway, the most disappointing part of the workout today was that 30 mins of workout time took me about an hour to accomplish. So, aside from my weight goal (5 pounds in 2 week) and the daily calorie goal, (the 197 aka an Ice Cream Cone) I want to try and work this week down into 30 minutes = 30 minutes. Huzzah!


First post of 2010 woot. Classes have been canceled because of snow again, and I'm frustrated with bad PuGs in wow, so why not make an LJ post? Ohayocon was...overwhelming, hehe. I didn't get to attend the photoshoots I wanted, but I did catch a couple, the pics are up on deviant art. I spent most of my time wandering around as Random Slytherin #42, but most people just referred to me as Malfoy because I wore the Rufus Wig with it.

I actually bought stuff from the vendors room this time, woo. I got: 2 Kenshin Manga, 2 Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei manga, a Jiraiya keychain, a Shikamaru sticker, a jacket patch reading "Tentacles", and a "Bones MD" shirt in the style of the House logo.

I'm pondering going to A&G with the same group in March, but haven't made a decision yet. I'd have to drive myself to that one, eww.

In other news, I, am on a diet! So far I've dropped 9 pounds, and I'm hoping the pattern continues. The good news is, I haven't really gained any weight since I moved here from Florida, so I'm just still trying to work off that 50-60 pounds I gained my freshman year of College. The most annoying part is still feeling hungry even though I've eaten a decent sized meal 3-4 times a day. Oh and the lack of caffeine. That hurts.

School is going well. I might manage to get a degree this time, woo. My classes aren't too bad this semester, in fact its the lightest load I've taken since starting at Southern. I only have to go to campus for one class a day, then the rest are partially online/independent. Its pretty awesome.

I guess that's about it. I live a pretty boring life heh.



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Zomg A Post!

I'm a bit bored so I decided to make a post. Yay. Things are going pretty well. I'm keeping up with school and whatnot. Had a debacle with my computer a couple weeks ago, which turned out in the end to be a bad memory stick. I'm still pretty pissed at Dell for giving me the run around and making my wipe my computer a good two or three times to get them to fix what I already knew was wrong. Right now its doing this weird freezy thing that I'm not sure if its being caused by Jade Dynasty, Firefox, or Frostwire.

Tsubasacon is next weekend, and I'm somewhere between really excited and kind of paranoid. My cosplay this year is a little more...ambitious than last year's. I think a good time will be had by all, though. Well, I hope. I've somehow decided to be Rufus from FF7, by the way. Yeah. Scary thought. The only piece of the costume I'm still missing is the wig, which makes me worry since its pretty important. I don't want to rock the WalMart halloween wig like I had to last year.

As the second stop on our con circut this year, I think we're planning on Ohayo-con, in Columbus. It starts on Jan 29th, so I hope to cover the costs of it with earnings from my birthday. I'm not entirely sure what the cosplay plans look like totally for that but for now it kind of looks like:

Zombie (for a Resident Evil Group)
Tsunade Redux (We might actually have a full Sannin group of awesomeness)
and Rufus Reduxed (Formal wear for ball.)

We're kind of tossing around doing ShinRa Corp!KingdomHearts-style. My vest is already kind of leading toward that with the modifications we made to it tonight. The vest was a little small (I ordered it based on the size of the original suit that I had to send back) so we cut it right up the middle and kind of turned it into an impromptu corset. I'm proud to say I did most of the work on it.

Enough Con talk. Actually, enough talk at all. Gonna play some Dynasty and maybe a little Audiosurf. Later.

More Randomness

Haha figured it had been a while since I actually updated. So far its been a great summer to be a geeky bitch like me. Plenty of eyecandy in nerdy movies, its been great. I haven't really done much this summer other than work and go to movies play WoW and RP, but it is a vast improvement over last summer where all I did was play WoW and go to work.

Aside from WoW, I'm slowly getting into the Sims 3. In general I like the changes to the game, the personality stuff is pretty awesome. I've only got one family of three so far so I can kind of get used to it. I do miss my custom content stuff, but its understandable that there is none yet. I'm hoping Simslice will come through for me soon though.

So far, I really hate the Yogg fight in Ulduar. Really Really Really Hate. I could go on for another half an hour about exactly why I hate each little bit, and I've only seen phase one. Seriously though. Blizz, wtf. Take your not real MC and stuff it up your ass.

Okay I'm getting distracted by Flight of the Conchords. ...Really. Too damn amusing.


Random post of Randomness

Hi my name is AJ and I'm home sick today. Apparently the weird mood I was in last night was a bit more than a weird mood, and I feel like crap this morning. So what does that mean for you livejournal? Random status update! I'm uploading a couple images to photobucket to illustrate my points, even as I type here.

School is going well (yay). I'm having a ton of fun in my photoshop and digital editing classes (even though this video resume thing is going to kill me).

Yay for neat text tutorials! Other randomness being my hair, which was formerly an odd mix of blue and pink (you really don't want to know how this happened, trust me) is now OMFGRED. And I do mean red.

Mmm Mountain Dew and Pocky. o.O Next we have Steve. I think pretty much everyone that reads this (being myself) already knows the epic tale of me and Steve, so I'll just leave this.

Tsubasa*Con is October 9-11 in Huntington!! I'm still unsure of what I want to cosplay as this year (I'd happily go as Tsunade again but is that some sort of con faux pas?). I'd love to do something from Zetsubou Sensei, but I don't think I'm really up to the school girl uniforms. Maybe Kiri since she always has a blanket.

I leave you with this.

While I'm loling.

The reaction to FFXIII being released on PS3 AND Xbox360 amuses me. It more than amuses me, really. Its sending me into fits of uncontrolled laughter.

I, for one, am pretty happy about this. Of course its because I have a 360 already and don't have the money to shell out for a PS3 so I can play one game that I likely won't finish anyway (as evidenced by the fact I'm still within the first bit of 12). My hope is they actually continue this trend with VS, since it looks more interesting to me than XIII.

But oh, the reactions! There are people that are SERIOUSLYOMFG butthurt over this move. You'd think its the end of the world! Why is it so absolutely horrible that Square is expanding its base? Its not like they're not releasing it for PS3 too.

Anyway, that's my two cents for now. I do kind of wish they'd stop releasing these exclusive to the PSP though damnit.

I don't know weather to laugh or cry.

WV, you complain about the stereotype, then you do this. Go back to kissing your sisters.

Edit: Okay, I feel bad for the incest crack, but really.



Musical joygasm. I was checking out vids of Audiosurf on YouTube when I came across this group. And then I came. Like in my pants. I'm not sure how anyone else's musical tastes are running these days, but we already knew mine gravitate toward the..unusal. Sadly, I've not come across many mp3s from them, so if anyone on my beloved flist happens across any, do what they taught you in kindergarten and share.

Oh, right links to said vid. ;p


Fucking Snow

It couldn't snow like this around Christmas, or even New Years, or anytime on the month and a half I was out of classes and had absoluetly nowhere to go. Four fucking inches of snow and I have to go to class tomorrow.